Good morning, I hope you slept well.

I slept well. Lots of dreams.

Here's an editorial illustration I did for fun. It probably won't make any sense if you aren't familiar with The Magnetic Fields, but that's okay.


  1. I really like it Kelly, even though I'm unfamiliar with the band.
    I know this is a question of preference, but I think you did yourself a disservice in coloring this one in photoshop (or whatever your tool of choice is). I think even as an editorial piece, it would look better in pastel, since I think I remember seeing you use some on a few pieces, so I know you are talented with the medium, and you could have gotten some terrific effects out of the backround characters.
    That said, I still like it and I find the composition very strong.

    (sorry for the really long comment)

  2. That's cool, man. I haven't decided if this one is a success or a failure yet.

  3. Oh, I'd say success, definitely. I like that this is a more literal translation of the music (from what you've said) than I've grown used to seeing, you get a certain sense of what the disc is about and the mood it has, which (I'm no editor, but) I'd assume is the point to a drawing like this.