"The Liar" concludes today

In finer comic shops today...

"The Liar", the second Archie Snow adventure, concludes with much foreshadowing. Also, there is a Proof story, with much foreshadowing.

Hark, an update approacheth!

Some things are happening!

PROOF #17 back cover

The back cover for Proof #17, coming from Image in February. This is the third book I've worked on that is due in February besides I Saw You and the Spearmint anthology.

I Saw You is finally coming out!

The Julia Wertz-edited anthology I Saw You is finally being released by Three Rivers! I drew my cartoon for this one at least a year or so ago.


The concept was to take a Missed Connections ad from Craigslist or Kijiji and make a cartoon out of it: it was a lot of fun, a total lark, and I'm proud of Julia for putting it all together. Go check out her webcomic, the Fart Party, it's good stuff.

Going to ECCC

I have been added to the guest list of the Emerald City Comic Con.

I will be there with Riley Rossmo and Alex Grecian, the creative team behind Proof, to help hype the book as well as Squeak!. The convention takes place in Seattle on April 4th and 5th.

I'm quite excited.