Strangebeard, Part 2

Hi everyone! I haven't updated my sketchbook blog much in the last little while because my work has become all-consuming. Along with the usual illustration work, I'm currently lettering a 160-page graphic novel, teaching a comics class, and updating The Adventurers AND Strangebeard twice a week.

Speaking of Strangebeard: thank you. Thanks for reading, thanks especially for sharing, and thanks for commenting. My little pirate-comic-that-could is getting thousands of hits and I am grateful for every single one of them. Part 2 has started, and Captain Jenny Strangebeard and her merry crew of rogues and ruffians are about to face bigger (and weirder) adventures. I hope you'll come along for the ride.

In honor of the completion of "The Girl and The Ghost", here's something from the vaults: the first-ever drawing of Jenny Strangebeard from the original pitch!
She hasn't changed too excessively; the colour of her two eyes is different and her general colour scheme is less saturated than it was.
Thanks again, everyone! Check out Strangebeard right over here, and come back every Tuesday and Thursday for new pages.