Sexy Kraven

My dear friend Jen turned forty yesterday. She's a fantastic lady and I couldn't be happier to scandalize her with a sexy drawing of a hairy man.

I don't know if this reference will fly over people's heads; it's from the famous Burt Reynolds nude photo from the seventies. Behold!

As always, there's a fresh webisode of That's So Kraven! online. Click here to check it out. Happy New Year's!

Spider-Man painting

Here's a commission I finished two weeks ago. The client wanted me to paint my version of Spider-Man (and his one true love Mary Jane) and this was the result. The webbed border wrapped around the canvas; I hate it when painters leave the edges blank.

12"x14", acrylic on canvas

Montreal con roundup

Monday arrives like a boot to the face!

The Montreal mini-con held on Sunday was O.K., not fantastic. Lots of regulars but not a lot of new fans. It's always a good show for me, but the crowds were much more interested in browsing than buying. Had a great time chatting with Tom Fowler; he's a fantastic talent and a great guy to chat with. Good to meet Marcus To, as well; no time to talk with him but he seems like a pleasant cat.

Some sketches from the show:


Death's Head/ The Engineer from Team Fortress 2 (probably the most random thing I've ever drawn)

Gambit playing poker with dogs

Dazzler ruining a funeral
The Scarecrow

And Nikola Tesla, everyone's favorite scientist
Thanks again, everyone. More soon.

A Vampire in Montreal at the Montreal Comic Con

It really does feel like this year has rushed past at a blistering pace, doesn't it?

I will be a guest of The Montreal Comic Con this coming Sunday on December 5th. I will be selling prints and mini-comics as well as doing commissions and head sketches. As a special promotion, the first hundred guests through the door get a free copy of my new mini-comic, A Vampire in Montreal. I will also have copies for sale at my table.

Since Christmas is coming, I'll have a bunch of stuff on special so come by the table and see me.

Here's a birthday card I drew for my dear friend Rich. He's like me, a big Venom fan, and he's also got a great collection of artwork called 'The Boy with the Red Umbrella'. I supplied him with a drawing for that collection two years ago. Happy birthday, buddy.

Just like every Wednesday, we've updated That's So Kraven! This one has a bit of a Venom vibe, too. Check it out. That's So Kraven! Webisode Twenty.