Proof #11 is out

Dag yo, I forgot to mention that Proof #11 came out today, with part two of "The Liar". (An Archie Snow Serialized Adventure!) Written and drawn by little old me.

Go buy it, tell me what you think.

Toronto Fan Expo

Hey hey,

I was in Toronto at the Fan Expo, kicking it with awesome folks like Russ Hironaka, Tim Sale, Scott Chantler, and Cameron Stewart. It was a particular thrill to meet Darwyn "My Portfolio is Worth More Than Your Kidneys" Cooke and new friends like Michael Cho, Stuart & Katherine Immonen, Wes Craig, and Jason Armstrong.

Anyway, here's two sketches I did this weekend for my new pal Jared:

The unnamed mouse/werewolf from Squeak!, my upcoming book with Alex Grecian:

And here's a Captain Jack Sparrow for Jared's Jack-themed sketchbook:

Quite tense to be sharing space in a sketchbook with Tim Sale, Adam Hughes, Jason Latour, Scott Morse, Cameron Stewart, and many many others... But the drawing looks okay, now that I look at it again. Thanks for the scans, Jared!

Thomas Alan Waits

I don't know how this managed to make it in with all the scanning for work I've been doing lately, but here it is. Hopefully I'll be able to show off some of the real work at some point... Too many comics with too many spoilers.

Shadowy figures

Some quick sketches from old noir films and posters. I really hate working just in pencil, I prefer sketching in ink. (Which I did last night, while watching the Canadians bite it at The Olympics.)

Good news everyone!

I sold my first book.

It's called Squeak!, and it will be written by Alex Grecian and drawn by myself. It's coming out from AiT/Planet Lar sometime in the near future. I'll post more when I'm not totally buried under work (hopefully never?).