Calgary Expo roundup

The Calgary Expo was this past weekend, and it was a fantastic show. I lived in Calgary for eight years, so it was a great chance to re-connect with a lot of the fans that have made Proof (and Archie Snow) so much fun to work on. I had a great time with both Proof artist Riley Rossmo and Proof colorist Dave Casey, to say nothing of the tons of other friends I got to see.

I was a contributor to the art book this year: here's my piece. I got really used to saying, "I'm on page six!"

Some commissions I finished during the show:


The Joker




Little Iron Man

Calgary Expo

I will be a guest of the Calgary Expo this weekend. I'm not on the website but my spies tell me that I will be at table C01. I'll be selling Proof and Archie Snow pages, as well as a couple of prints and minicomics. I'll be sketching, as well.

It was my dear friend B-Mac's birthday yesterday, so I drew him this birthday card. Happy birthday, Brian. You're one of the good ones.

Speaking of Squeak!, we're in the home stretch; only a couple more pages to complete and a cover to decide on. Feels great to be thisclose to finishing the book up.

Archie Snow

In 2007, I started my career as a cartoonist by writing and drawing an awful little mini-comic called "Archie Snow: The Gorgon". Since then, I have been publishing the further (and progressively better writter-and-drawn) adventures of Archie Snow, ninja snow leopard, in the back pages of the excellent Image Comics title Proof, by Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo.

I decided to take a break from my regularly-scheduled freelance and spice up my Twitter page a bit, and this was the outcome. I'm proud of Archie... He's come a long way in the last three years, and I'm excited to tell more stories with the weird old man with the head of a leopard.

PROOF #26 on sale now!

*Finally!* My page count for Archie Snow has increased to four pages a month, and "Snakepit: Part 1" is the beginning. Let me know what you thought, would you kindly?

No art to post today (tomorrow, hopefully) but I wanted to link to Sean Viloria's blog. Sean is creating a Proof action figure prototype that is something to behold: ==>CLICK HERE<== to check it out. Tell him I sent you.

Be kind, everybody, and go see How To Train Your Dragon (it's amazing!).

Girl Friday

Those of you who have been hanging out with me for the last couple of weeks know exactly who this is. Those who haven't-- probably don't. Either way. It's a girl! It's Friday! It's Girl Friday!

I was going to post some new inkwashes, but deadlines have squeezed me like a grape and it's only going to get worse (better?). I will do my best to update on Wednesdays from now on, see how it goes. I may have some news to report soon, too.

Have a great weekend. It's sunny and hot in Montreal, and that means that everyone is beautiful again.