B. A. Baracus pities the fool

It is my goal to finish the whole A-Team by the end of the year, in anticipation for the movie. It's also my goal to pitch a comic series in watercolour, and this seemed like a quick, no-pressure way to practice with my new watercolour paints.
"Ain't got no time for your jibber-jabber!" Were truer words ever spoken?

Interviewed by Donna Mei-Ling Park on EP Daily

Donna Mei-Ling Park interviewed me for The Electric Playground television show a few weeks ago, and here it is. Lots of shout-outs, and the first preview images of my new book Squeak!: Werewolf! with Alex.

Thanks, Donna and Leland, it was a blast to chat with you.

EDIT: If this doesn't work for you (it's been funky) you can check the interview out by ==> CLICKING RIGHT HERE <==