Abe Sapien and Archie Snow

Two guys with the initials "A.S.", and animals at their core.

Here's a drawing of Abe I drew originally as a commisson: I was happy with how it turned out and I decided to color it up and add it to the blog. Are you reading BPRD? It is the best comic.

I also received some rad fan art last week! Here's Archie Snow, as drawn by Stephen Morrow. You can find out more about Morrow at his deviantArt page.

The tenth webisode of That's So Kraven! went live last week. It's good to see that numbers are solid and that people are digging the strip. Thanks, everyone!

Montreal Comic Con roundup

What a show!

I was busy for nearly the whole show doing sketches and shooting the breeze with fans and pros alike. Thanks to each and every one of you for coming out. I took cell phone pictures of many of the sketches I did; here's a few of them.

Archie Snow

Clayface (for Ryan, my second-best customer)

Dino Girl

Steele (from my friend Kim's upcoming graphic novella)

Commissioner Gordon (you should see the Kate Beaton sketch she has in this book)

Soldier from Halo (from memory)

Qi the Ink Monkey (from Proof)

Proof from Proof (battling a Hellhound)

Kraven Baxter and Spiderman (from That's So Kraven!)

Darth Vader (the adorableness is strong in this one)

Zombie on a tricycle

Death from Sandman (for Pat, my best customer)

Thanks for coming out, everyone. Big thanks to Oscar and Kevin for being our go-to guys at the show, and big thanks to Tim and Yanick for breaking bread with Trina and myself. (And Stone for sending fans our way, and Kim and Rebecca and Ari for everything.)

There's a new That's So Kraven! online. ==>Click here for the whim!<== Apparently, Spider-Man actually says the line in the new Shattered Dimensions game, so you know we've got to do something with that. Stay posted.

That's So Kraven! @ Montreal Comic Con

Whoa, busy busy busy.

It's Wednesday (Odin's day!) so that means two things: a new webisode of That's So Kraven! ==>Click here for Kravenventure!<== and a new sketchblog update from me. I have been busy so let's get to it.

The Montreal Comic Con is this coming weekend, and I will be there. I'm bringing along my usual mini-comics (as well as a brand-new one I will reveal on Friday, hopefully) but this year Trina and I will have Kraven merch. We're bringing the print "Kraven in Repose" and two full-size 14x18 paintings of Kraven Baxter and Mr. Spiderman. Check them out:

The original plan was to bring these three with us to Fan Expo last month, but now's your chance to snatch 'em up. If you're not going to be in Montreal send me an email and I'll see what I can do.

That's it! Gotta go, much to do and not much time to do it.

P.S. Here's three quickie commissions that were finished this week. TMNT!

Archie Snow returns in NINGEN

Archie Snow is back! Proof #28 came out this week from Image Comics, concluding "Archie Snow: Snakepit" where Archie must put sword to face to stop a snake cult from resurrecting their monstrous progenitor. I am also proud to announce that Archie will return this winter to back up Proof: Endangered, the first issue of the Proof re-launch. "Archie Snow: Ningen" will be five parts and will rotate around a monstrous resurgence in Japanese monsters in the Atlantic Ocean. Proof: Endangered #1, by Alexander Grecian and Riley Rossmo, is due in December.

(Apologies to the awesome poster designer for George Clooney's The American. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to homage it.)

Other news: I am now repped by a gallery in Montreal! Original pages from Proof, Archie Snow, and others are available right now. Email my rep, Jonathan, at jonathanATlagalleryDOTca for more information. ==>Click here for Kelly Tindall @ la Gallery<==

That's So Kraven! Webisode Seven is up. ==>Click here for the whim!<==

I am also opening up my commission list for September. If you are interested in a headshot, full figure, or larger piece, let me know at kellyATkellytindallDOTcom