MILAREPA preview

Matt Schuler was kind enough to post a preview of "Milarepa", which I did for his upcoming Legendary anthology. It's an adaptation of one of the legends of Milarepa, a Tibetan poet-saint who could shapeshift and survive for months on prayer alone. Later in his life (he was supposedly a real person!) his skin was said to have turned green. Awesome!

I did a lot of research into Tibetan culture for this story; Archie Snow's secret origins are steeped in the myths of Tibet. I am very proud of it, and I cannot wait for you to read it.

In other news, I will be appearing with Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo at the 2009 Fan Expo in Toronto at the end of August. Like Seattle, I will be doing commissions before the show and I will also be sketching at my table. Email me at kelly at kelly tindall dot com to set something up.

I will also be selling copies of my mini-comics Archie Snow: The First Fifteen Hours (which ties tightly into "Milarepa") and Stink, and I will have a preview of my upcoming AiT/Planet Lar book Squeak!. More to come.

Archie Snow

Just finished this bit. To be published in Proof #23.

July July

Lots to do this month. Just put down another chapter of Archie Snow, and then there's work to be done on Proof #25, more Archie, another backup story and a pitch. Plus, mothers and fathers and all of that.

Here's some sketches from Rome and Barcelona. It was a magnificent trip, thanks to the patience and wisdom of some really excellent friends. I love you all!