Zomkeys variant cover

I've been pals with Josh Stafford, a bigshot at the mighty Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa, for a few years now. When I heard that he was writing a comic book about zombie monkeys, I was extremely surprised that he didn't ask me to do a pinup or something for it. I love zombies (I was nominated for a Ghastly Award for lettering and colouring Rebel Blood).

I told him that I'd do something for his next issue, but he said there was room in this one so I whipped this up:

And the next day I got a very nice email from the publisher asking if they could make it the cover of a variant issue!

Lovely news!

I'll be sure to post in the coming weeks more information about where you can purchase Zomkeys #1. Thanks to Mirror Comics (and, of course, Josh) for the opportunity.


It's Inktober! Whereas an artist will create a daily sketch, in ink, and post it to 'the internets' for 'some reason'. I decided to play the game; every ten days I'll post my sketches here on the sketchblog (to reward those of you who are still checking it out).

Without further adieu, the monsters of Inktober:

Otherwise, what am I up to? Well, the third part of Strangebeard, "The First Pirate Master", is nearly complete (with the introduction of Captain Morder, a major villain). My diary webcomic The Adventurers is still truckin' on with new strips every Wednesday and Friday. And I'm, of course, keeping busy with much freelance work. I'm also lettering two Image Comics titles right now (Bedlam and Drumhellar).