Here's a Venom I drew at the Montreal Mini ComicCon last weekend. He's got to be one of the easiest villains to draw, he's doesn't really have a face. Looks kind of like a Mexican wrestler crossed with a dinosaur, I can see why kids like him so much. I've always thought of him as Spider-Man's old pants, but I still love him.

The new Venom series by Rick Remender (and a raft of artists including my good buddy Tom Fowler) is great, by the way. If you're not reading it, it's got a nice mix of crazy alien monster action and heartfelt human emotions. The human half of Venom, Flash Thompson, is a total trainwreck of a human being and it is glorious to read.


Been playing a bit of Transformers: War for Cybertron after the family goes to sleep, and it's pretty fun stuff. I particularly like Trypticon, the Decepticon City, who is the final boss of the game and is basically a Godzilla transformer. He's pretty great; I'm a big fan of blatant shout-outs in my media, I guess.

Trypticon (what a name! so good) stuck in my head so much that I doodled a sketch of him while watching some Luther last night. Colored it last night (instead of playing the game!) and here it is.

As always, my webcomic That's So Kraven! updated today. I am ending the strip at 75 episodes, so there's only two more to go after this. It'll be a blessing to no longer have to watch That's So Raven.