CREATURE commission

I still have three more of these to finish for the Emerald City Comic Con next weekend. Quite fun, actually, people hiring me to draw characters that I would never normally draw. The Creature From the Black Lagoon, it's all about impotence, right? Because The Creature has no genitals and yet he wishes to mate? I really need to rent it, I think.

PROOF #18 special guest star artist


Proof #18 comes out today; first issue with Dave "Kelly's awesome buddy" Casey on colors. The Archie Snow backup is only two pages long, it's called "Rodomontade" (Google it, it's my favorite word) and it's drawn/colored by Riley Rossmo to thank me for drawing Proof #17 for him.

Proof #18 preview at CBR.

(Guys, guys, did you see the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are? DID YOU SEE IT)


*woof* So busy right now. Trying to get my commission situation under control while Squeak! buzzes onward. Top is a sketch I did of 'Maria', one of El Chupacabra's skins, from Proof #17 during the big issue... Bottom is an inkwash of Eli, from the best movie of last year, Let The Right One In.