Sherlock Holmes

I've loved Sherlock Holmes my entire life. I love the books, I love Sidney Paget's fantastic illustrations (which these are based loosely on), I love Holmes appearing in other stuff (like League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, my favorite comic, or Batman: Brave and the Bold). I love the movies (even the blockbustery new one w/ R. Downey Jr.), and I really really love Jeremy Brett as Holmes.

I don't know if I did the old genius justice, but here he is.

For those who are wondering: I've been working very hard on things I cannot yet show off. I hope to have news very soon. The fifth issue of Green Wake (which I lettered) is coming out next week; I highly recommend it as it's some of the finest work from my good pal Riley Rossmo.

As always, you can check me out elsewhere on the net: my webcomic That's So Kraven! just passed the one year mark and I'm revamping my main website. I will be at Fan Expo in Toronto in about a month; definitely come check out my table, there'll be plenty of new stuff to show.