Mobsters real quick


Man, busy around here these days. I'm nearly done the first chapter of "Snakepit", the latest Archie Snow adventure, for Proof #26 and I'm in the home stretch of Squeak!: Werewolf!. I'll post previews of them both soon enough.

For now, here's a quick drawing of cool middle-aged mobster faces. My girl and I watched Dead Reckoning, a Humphrey Bogart film noir, and it got me thinking about how most comic-book characters look like Bruce Wayne and how almost nobody in real life does.

You haven't heard of Jasper, but she makes the absolute best mini-comics I've ever read. Her first major work, Crabs in My Room, was the indie smash of the Montreal Expozine and now I see she has a blog. Go bug her for a copy of her comics; you will not be disappointed. (Thanks to Kim Belair for the link.)

Happy birthday to the self

Sometimes you have to save some for yourself, I guess. Hope everyone had a good holiday, I know I did. I went to northern Saskatchewan and saw my grandmother. Someone gave me a skull.