Proof/Screamland crossover

It's not so much a 'preview' as much as it is 'the whole damn thing', but "There's No Business" is up at Comic Book Resources.

Click here for the story.

Harold Sipe and Hector Casanova's wonderful Screamland is coming out in trade paperback, and Alex and Riley invited them to do a story for Proof #13 to help them hustle it. (The issue already has a guest appearance by Image mainstay The Savage Dragon.) Alex asked me to color the story, and I am proud of how it turned out. It was my first experience with working with textures, and the first time I have colored another artist's story. I cannot say enough nice things about Hector, he was a joy to work with.

I ended up coloring another ten or so pages of the main Proof story, "Thunderbirds Are Go!", which has got to be the weirdest crossover I have ever read. And the last page is a doozy.

This is a Souvenir: Songs from Spearmint & Shirley Lee

Hooray! The Spearmint anthology is coming out! I have a story in this. (And it's coming out sooner than I Saw You, which I also have some work in.)

Richard Starkings and I adapted "It Won't Be Long Now", (a song by the UK pop band Spearmint) into a short comic and it came out pretty well, so I would suggest pre-ordering this book and telling all of your co-workers and loved ones and calling in to your local comic-book shops and roadside attractions and pornography stores and informing them that, yes, the Spearmint anthology This Is A Souvenir: The Songs of Spearmint & Shirley Lee is coming out in January. (Just in time for Rod Stewart's birthday! And mine.)

The Baltimore wrap-up

Here's my Official Baltimore Blog Wrap-Up over on MySpace.

Only a week late, with no pictures. *sigh* I suck at this. Back to the old ballgame.

Baltimore Venom

When I was at the Baltimore Comic Con (which was the greatest con of all time) last weekend (god it's been a week already) I did a ton of commissions and sketches. They have finally started showing up online, and here's one of my favorites; a ten-minute sketch of Venom drawn at Lucy's Pub in downtown Baltimore.

Really wish I had a bigger brush with me, for all the blacks.


Some sketches I did for giggles... Playing with color, monkeying with tones.

These are characters from Elephantmen, by Richard Starkings and Moritat. Richard and I are working on a story for an anthology to be published next year through Image.