Johann Kraus / brief update

Wow, what a month. I'll do a proper writeup of what I've been doing for the past few weeks. It hasn't been fun and it hasn't been easy and I hope you never have to go through any of it.

Decided to get back into the groove after reading the terrific B.P.R.D.: The Long Death #1 this week. The only active superhuman member of the team, Johann Kraus, takes center stage yet again as the B-plot involving Captain Ben Daimio, Daryl the wendigo, and a certain 15-foot jaguar god begins to wind down. I eagerly anticipate issue #2 as much as I dread it.

Johann got snazzy new duds in the recently-concluded B.P.R.D.: Russia and I was itching to draw it.

Since it's been awhile, here's where you can find me elsewhere on the net:

My website (with portfolio)
My deviantArt page
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My recently-concluded webcomic That's So Kraven!

As far as other news: I lettered and coloured Green Wake #10, the final issue, which comes out very soon. It was daunting taking over from regular colorist Riley Rossmo for an issue but he's also drawing something like five books so he needed a breather. The issue is very good; Kurtis and Riley wrap the story up very effectively. Fans will not be disappointed.

I'm also lettering Riley's upcoming book Rebel Blood (the first issue comes out in March) and I hope you check it out. It's Riley's first work as writer as well as artist and it's a surprisingly sophisticated book (considering it features zombie wolves and men with deer heads and rats with eyes growing out of their backs).

I made a cameo in today's Princess Planet (written and drawn by internet buddy and fellow new dad Brian McLachlan). I am the unlucky fellow in panel one. Thanks again, Brian!