Whoa, this year is screaming by at a tremendous click, don't you think?

Nothing particularly new to show right now (news soon!) but here's my contribution to Steve Wolfhard's super-cool Pokemon parody Portrait-Dex. The site hasn't been updated since Scott Kurtz's addition so I'm using my entry for my own sketchblog. I hope Portrait-Dex comes back soon.

Last week's That's So Kraven! has been up for a bit, and I'm very pleased with it. Nice emotional ending to the most recent storyline.

Also, I have been named as letterer for the upcoming Image Comics/Shadowline series Green Wake. It's drawn by my old Proof chum Riley Rossmo (and written by the super Kurtis J. Wiebe) and it's very fantastic work. I think it's Riley's finest work to date. Go add yourself to the Facebook page right here. Check out this great cover:

Green Wake is a five-issue series; the first issue comes out in April. Can't wait for you to read it!