Toronto Fan Expo

Hey hey,

I was in Toronto at the Fan Expo, kicking it with awesome folks like Russ Hironaka, Tim Sale, Scott Chantler, and Cameron Stewart. It was a particular thrill to meet Darwyn "My Portfolio is Worth More Than Your Kidneys" Cooke and new friends like Michael Cho, Stuart & Katherine Immonen, Wes Craig, and Jason Armstrong.

Anyway, here's two sketches I did this weekend for my new pal Jared:

The unnamed mouse/werewolf from Squeak!, my upcoming book with Alex Grecian:

And here's a Captain Jack Sparrow for Jared's Jack-themed sketchbook:

Quite tense to be sharing space in a sketchbook with Tim Sale, Adam Hughes, Jason Latour, Scott Morse, Cameron Stewart, and many many others... But the drawing looks okay, now that I look at it again. Thanks for the scans, Jared!

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