Gladiator sandals

I bought new sandals last week.

I don't like to shop so I wanted something durable. We went to a shop here in Montreal called Replay, and I found some excellent gladiator-looking sandals that are comfortable. They look pretty cool, which is not something I'm accustomed to wearing.

I don't draw real things

I need to go draw some trees or something, seriously.

The Cheetah

I've been thinking about Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's Catwoman: When in Rome miniseries from a couple of years back. One of the villains was The Cheetah, an idiotic gimmick villain in a cheetah costume. Tim drew her as an extremely artificial-looking creature... prehensile tail, unnatural patterning, lumpy body, and Joker-like protruding jaw. I liked that, and I haven't drawn a female monster in a while, so there you go.

Proof #10

Nearly finished my untitled backup story (with Alex Grecian) for Proof #10. Here's a spoiler-free image of gameskeeper Wayne Russet doing some Jack Bauer-y action stuff. The book will be out at the end of July.