I'm gearing up to do about fifty things at once this week, so if you don't hear from me... I'm really busy.

I have been toying with doing more inkwash work (especially since the Let the Right One In inkwash I tossed off last November got crazy attention) so I thought I'd try drawing Parker, from Darwyn Cooke's unbelievable gangster comic.

I had enough fun with it that I thought I might as well do the other two comics on my nightstand: Proof

...And Ojingogo (which was my secret favorite book I bought at TCAF. Sorry, Kate Beaton!).

I'm trying to figure out a wordmark to help brand my sites a bit better, and I also like to splatter ink and make a mess, so that's what all that's about.

(Hey, did you guys like Proof #22? Wasn't that crazy? Baby murder, and not the Ray Bradbury variety.)


  1. Great job on Parker's face, you really nailed the character.

    As for Proof, that was a very bloody and disturbing story.

  2. awesome. can i post on the ojingogo site?

  3. Sure thing! Your characters are so much fun to draw.