The Joker! Expozine! Etc.! Etc.!

It was my great pleasure to spend much of this past weekend at Expozine 2009 here in rainy old Montreal. The headliner for the show, in my opinion, was webcomic darling Kate Beaton. She's doubtlessly amongst the most gifted webcomickers working today, so it was a no-brainer to get a drawing from her. Her sketches were Wicked Cheap, I was tempted to buy a few except her crowd was persistent as all get out.

I had to settle for the world's greatest Nikola Tesla sketch.

You should see the Commissioner Gordon that Kate drew for my pal Rebecca Stacey. In a theme sketchbook groaning with awesome drawings, Kate's takes the cake.

I also had a great time chatting with Billy Mavreas (of the legendary Monastiraki which is currently exhibiting some great James Kochalka paintings), Young Adonis (infamous Montreal artist), and the amazing Jasper whose mini-comic "Crabs in My Room" is one of the greatest comics I've read all year. Jasper is a tremendous talent, I cannot wait to read more from her.

Meanwhile, back at the drawing board, I'm doing a lot of art that can't be shown (working on a new book). I have been working with my watercolours, and I finished a Joker the other night that I think is pretty neat. Here it is. I've also finished a Hellboy commission that I rather like, but I must wait for permission to post it.


  1. really dig that Joker - great looking picture

  2. nice Joker dude...and that sketch you ot from her is terific!

    Next Montreal con..I'm there!

    Peace out...GQ