PROOF #26 on sale now!

*Finally!* My page count for Archie Snow has increased to four pages a month, and "Snakepit: Part 1" is the beginning. Let me know what you thought, would you kindly?

No art to post today (tomorrow, hopefully) but I wanted to link to Sean Viloria's blog. Sean is creating a Proof action figure prototype that is something to behold: ==>CLICK HERE<== to check it out. Tell him I sent you.

Be kind, everybody, and go see How To Train Your Dragon (it's amazing!).


  1. I enjoyed the Archie Snow tale and I hope you stay at 5 pages - it's tough to keep track of the story's progress with just 2 per issue. Especially if there's going to be more delays in Proof (*sigh*).

    Archie's sleek outfit was an interesting change, he usually wears looser clothes.

  2. Thanks, Michael. It's a lot easier to plot when you don't need a cliffhanger every two pages.

    Archie's outfit is almost exactly what I normally wear, right down to the coat. I keep thinking he maybe needs some sort of uniform (not a costume, but a unique outfit).