Montreal con roundup

Monday arrives like a boot to the face!

The Montreal mini-con held on Sunday was O.K., not fantastic. Lots of regulars but not a lot of new fans. It's always a good show for me, but the crowds were much more interested in browsing than buying. Had a great time chatting with Tom Fowler; he's a fantastic talent and a great guy to chat with. Good to meet Marcus To, as well; no time to talk with him but he seems like a pleasant cat.

Some sketches from the show:


Death's Head/ The Engineer from Team Fortress 2 (probably the most random thing I've ever drawn)

Gambit playing poker with dogs

Dazzler ruining a funeral
The Scarecrow

And Nikola Tesla, everyone's favorite scientist
Thanks again, everyone. More soon.


  1. Missed the last couple of shows :( Have to tell you though, your stuff gets better and better. Your scenes are great, they really tell a story with just one panel, awesome!!!

  2. Oh man, that Tesla one is great! I thought it was Andrew Ryan at first, for some reason, but the fact that it's Tesla makes it even more awesome.

    Thanks for the sketch, Kelly!

  3. Dazzler made me LOL

    Some people's favourite scientist is Carl Sagan, not Tesla... :)

  4. That Sandman rocks. Wish I could have attended the show.