Toronto Fan Appreciation show wrapup

Wow, this one's really late. I have a good excuse! No, I don't. I've been terrifically busy; I'm learning French in the mornings, my wife is eight months pregnant, and I'm hustling work like I've never hustled before. Lots to talk about!

The Toronto Fan Appreciation show was the weekend before last. I had a great time (particularly during the busy parts of Saturday). Drew a bunch of cool stuff for fans, check them out:

Wonder Woman


Spidey and Batman



The Universal monsters (this one was super fun to do)

After the show was done, I went out to the amazing Tim Burton MoMA exhibit at the TIFF Lightbox theatre with T. and Russ. It was a really phenomenal show; Tim was my absolute number-one hero when I was a kid. Although I haven't enjoyed many of his films for the last few years, a number of them rank among my all-time favorites (Ed Wood especially). I could spend days checking out all that amazing work. Finish things! It's the only thing to do!

Lots of other things to check in about: I spoke at the Animation class at Dawson College last week about storytelling in comics. Big thanks to Dipti Gupta and her awesome class of future superstars; I had a magnificent time, the class asked smart questions, and I think I've caught the teaching bug.

Green Wake, the excellent Image Comics/Shadowline comic I am lettering, has been picked up as an ongoing series. I will be continuing as letterer; I'm super proud of the work everybody's done on the book and I can't wait to see what Kurtis and Riley come up with next.

I have also started a Tumblr site, where I'll be posting some older paintings and work from college. I'm also contributing to the Tim Sale Sketchblog, which is a weekly thing.

You can find me elsewhere on the net:
That's So Kraven!

More later this week. Got to get back to work!


  1. Love the Frankenstein Monster! Good job K!

  2. It was really great to meet you at fan appreciation on saturday. You're one cool dude, and so is your work!

  3. Thanks, Q.! Thanks for coming by, Meri.