Creator Owned Day

It's Creator Owned Day today, which means comic creators such as myself are talking up their books. I'm currently lettering a creator-owned book called Bedlam (which you should be buying!) but I don't own it... But I do own Archie Snow.

Archie, for those of you who remember, appeared in nearly thirty issues of Proof back in the late 2000's. In 2009, I was contacted to produce a mythology-based story for an anthology that never quite took flight. I released the story (relettered with a fancy cover) as a digital download at the Montreal Comic Con last year. But for those of you who missed it...

Here it is. Happy Creator Owned Day!

Archie Snow: Milarepa

Here's the cover: it was drawn by me and inked by the great Riley Rossmo. It appears for the first time ever. I hope you enjoy it, I hope you dig the story, and I hope you go out and buy some fine creator-owned books (like Bedlam) from your local merchants.

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