Zomkeys variant cover

I've been pals with Josh Stafford, a bigshot at the mighty Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa, for a few years now. When I heard that he was writing a comic book about zombie monkeys, I was extremely surprised that he didn't ask me to do a pinup or something for it. I love zombies (I was nominated for a Ghastly Award for lettering and colouring Rebel Blood).

I told him that I'd do something for his next issue, but he said there was room in this one so I whipped this up:

And the next day I got a very nice email from the publisher asking if they could make it the cover of a variant issue!

Lovely news!

I'll be sure to post in the coming weeks more information about where you can purchase Zomkeys #1. Thanks to Mirror Comics (and, of course, Josh) for the opportunity.

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