Been busy with drawings for 'me public', as Popeye would say.

First up, my dear friend Nick had a birthday this week. He's been obsessing over the amazing Totoro forest project book that the fine folks at Pixar have been hustling, so I figured he could use a totoro of his own.

I was asked by Steve Gettis to participate in his amazing author project, where comic artists interpret their favorite authors or literary characters. What an amazing series of drawings... From legends like Will Eisner and Alex Toth to disreputable characters like Riley Rossmo and Fiona Staples. It was an honor to be asked, and an honor to be the first to draw Mervyn Peake.

Now, go read Gormenghast! It's fucking brilliant!

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, came a long-overdue Grendel commission. I felt inspired and added some red ink to the drawing. One wants a hint of color, as Nathan Lane reminded us in The Birdcage.

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  1. K,

    Love what you did with Mr. Peake's sleeve.

    Cheers, Brian.