Proof/Screamland crossover

It's not so much a 'preview' as much as it is 'the whole damn thing', but "There's No Business" is up at Comic Book Resources.

Click here for the story.

Harold Sipe and Hector Casanova's wonderful Screamland is coming out in trade paperback, and Alex and Riley invited them to do a story for Proof #13 to help them hustle it. (The issue already has a guest appearance by Image mainstay The Savage Dragon.) Alex asked me to color the story, and I am proud of how it turned out. It was my first experience with working with textures, and the first time I have colored another artist's story. I cannot say enough nice things about Hector, he was a joy to work with.

I ended up coloring another ten or so pages of the main Proof story, "Thunderbirds Are Go!", which has got to be the weirdest crossover I have ever read. And the last page is a doozy.

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