The Emerald City Comic Con 2009

I am heading out the door for Emerald City in Seattle this weekend! I will have two brand-new mini-comics to sell. It feels great to bring out Longarm Prime, my trusty long arm stapler, and my good old "Tindall Quality" mini-comic stamp.

Archie Snow: The First Fifteen Hours is the story of the first night of the life of Archie Snow. Archie celebrates one year in the pages of Proof in May, so I thought it was time to start revealing a little bit about the circumstances that made him into the creature he is today. I first wrote the treatment for this story two years ago in Mike's apartment back in Calgary, and I am thrilled that it is finally down on paper. The First Fifteen Hours is 8 pages long.

Stink is the story of a man who detects an odor in his apartment that will not go away no matter how clean he makes the place. It's not based on a true story but it is inspired by true events. Stink is 22 pages.
I will be located all weekend long at table J-02 at Emerald City, nestled between my friends Tim Sale and Riley Rossmo.


  1. Kelly! It was so great hanging out with you and Katrina this weekend! Makes me wish we could do it more often. Thanks for the good times. :)

  2. I know! It was the best con I've been to. Even though we ended up at the same pub every night, we still rocked it.

  3. Tons of fun hanging out with you guys, Kelly. Here's hoping we all get to do it again soon.

    Really looking forward to Squeak, too!