Toronto Winter Comic Con

Big weekend coming up! I'll be in Toronto to attend the Toronto Winter Comic Con. It should be a good show; the Hobbystar people have always been good to me and Toronto is a great town.

I will have prints! I am bringing along my Archie Snow print, and a brand-new one:

If you would like me to put one aside for you, contact me as always at kelly at kelly tindall dot com.

I'm coming into town a few days early; I will be in attendance at the class taught by the monstrous and awesome Guy Davis on February 27th. The man is a genuine comic-book rock star and I cannot wait to see him again.

Be well, everyone.


  1. Dude I love your classic take on Spider-Man. Kinda Sale esque. Would love to see you get work on some Spidey related stuff.

  2. Thanks, guys. Spider-Man is ludicrously hard to draw, I threw out my sketches for this three or four times.