Toronto Winter Con roundup






Toronto was a lot of fun! Great to see Guy Davis, Ray Fawkes, Cameron Stewart, and Russ again. Lovely to meet Katherine from The Naked News, too (NSFW). Thanks to the organizers, the con went liquidy-smooth and the fans were particularly great.

Congratulations to Canada on their gold medal in hockey. I made it to the bar just as overtime started. Downtown Toronto after the victory was a sea of good vibes and smiles. Shame about the Nickelback though.

Back to work. See you again, TO.


  1. The Ghost one is my favorite.

  2. Dear Kelly,
    my name is Lewis Doney, a PhD student at the University of London.
    I really like your Milarepa previews, which I just found in an old blog while researching Tibet in comics for a conference at the end of March.
    I'd love to get a copy of the whole story, if possible, and find out how Archie Snow relates to Milarepa (as you suggested in the blog).
    Maybe you could email me and let me know a bit of background about your interest in Milarepa?
    If so please email
    Thanks for your help and all the best with future artwork,