More BIOSHOCK and a birthday

More BioShock drawings. The art direction in that game, by Scott Sinclair and based so strongly in Art Deco, is easily my favorite of any game I've ever played. I've been working in black-and-white so much lately that it's quite thrilling to play with washes and put colour behind them.

Big Daddy Rosie:

Little Sister:

For more information on BioShock, would you kindly click here?

My next quest, I suppose, is to stop drawing licensed characters and start producing illustrations. I think it's time to start making statements and telling stories rather than regurgitating stories I've already digested and enjoyed. Squeak! is a big part of that next step in my career, but there's no reason not to show more of it here, I think.

My dear friend Ken's birthday was a week or two ago. Here's a card I draw for him, belated as always. Happy birthday, Ken!


  1. Nice drawings Kelly! That little sister is quite creepy.

    Can't wait to see more Squeak!

  2. Thanks, Ed. We're thisclose to finishing Squeak.

  3. Awesome on the Squeak front! Talked to Alex about it a couple weeks ago in Kansas City. Still very excited about it. Gonna have to figure out how to get you to sign a copy for me.