Montreal Con sketch roundup

The latest Montreal Comic Con was this past weekend, and it was one of the busiest shows I've ever had. Between this and Calgary, I'm really impressed with the groundswell of support my work is getting. Thanks, everyone.

First of all, check this kid out. He was dressed as Altair from the Ubisoft Montreal video game Assassin's Creed. His suit was awesome, and he had tiny wooden versions of all of Altair's assassin weapons. His mom took a picture of him stabbing me to death in the neck with his little arm knife, which may have been a chopstick. Fantastic!


Apocalypse and the Four My Little Ponies of Apocalypse!

A luchadore (whose name escapes me)!

Lastly, Two-Face.

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  1. Great shows Kelly! Love the drawings, they're looking really cool!