Wipeout! Plus: bonus!

Wipeout may be the most entertaining show on television. It's certainly the lowest-concept, and it's certainly the most honest. Every week, a new group of esoteric weirdos and geeks try their luck at a series of ridiculous, highly-padded obstacle courses designed specifically to dump them into either mud or water.

I find it thrilling to watch pure physics assaulting shocked humans, only to dump them unceremoniously into freezing water. It is, conceptually, as pure as a child's laugh and I'll be damned if I ever get to the point where a shrieking co-ed flying face-first into a two-foot puddle of foam doesn't make me titter out loud. I'll be god damned.

Also, I'm premiering a secret project this Wednesday over on Livejournal. Countdown starts today!

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