Some sketches I did for giggles... Playing with color, monkeying with tones.

These are characters from Elephantmen, by Richard Starkings and Moritat. Richard and I are working on a story for an anthology to be published next year through Image.


  1. DUDE!!! AWESOMESAUCE!!! These are amazing! And I've just recently got into Elephantmen! And a project with you and Starkings? Colored me interested! :-D

  2. The Rhino and the Gator are my favorites.

    Congrats on hooking up with Richard.

  3. That is great work there Kelly. You seem to be a mover and a shaker here lately. First Grecian and then Starkings but I think it showed a lot of class on your part to turn down Bendis for his project :-)

    Kidding, these look great.

  4. Sweet. Your animals have as much character in their faces as your humans!