This is a Souvenir: Songs from Spearmint & Shirley Lee

Hooray! The Spearmint anthology is coming out! I have a story in this. (And it's coming out sooner than I Saw You, which I also have some work in.)

Richard Starkings and I adapted "It Won't Be Long Now", (a song by the UK pop band Spearmint) into a short comic and it came out pretty well, so I would suggest pre-ordering this book and telling all of your co-workers and loved ones and calling in to your local comic-book shops and roadside attractions and pornography stores and informing them that, yes, the Spearmint anthology This Is A Souvenir: The Songs of Spearmint & Shirley Lee is coming out in January. (Just in time for Rod Stewart's birthday! And mine.)

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  1. sounds like a cool concept - like Comic Book Tattoo, knowing that Rich is involved means it will be first class (oh and you too).