PROOF #19 out tomorrow

In finer comic-book retailing establishments tomorrow! Proof #19, in which the Victorian-era shenanigans further escalate. MUCH MORE IMPORTANT The new Archie Snow adventure "The Bull and the China Shop" begins. There are monsters afoot! And a cool surprise for anyone who's been reading since the good old days of "The Gorgon".

Happy birthday to Archie Snow this week! Archie premiered at the Calgary Expo in 2007, and although I wasn't there this year (thank you for not inviting me, city-that-was-my-home-for-eight-years) I always feel a pang of nostalgia for the old place. Rotten and weird as it is.

I still have some "First Fifteen Hours" and some "Stink" left over from Seattle. Send an email to kelly at kelly tindall dot com and I will hook you up lickety-split.

Thatness and thereness

Okay, some monkeying around while I procrastinate finishing something for a upcoming book.

Who doesn't love Lobster Johnson? You show me a fellow who doesn't love The Lobster and I will show you a freedom-hating fellow who is looking for some harsher justice.

Happy birthday, Brian. Missed you in Seattle, see you in Boston.

The wonderful Michael Hoskins has a review up of Archie Snow: The First Fifteen Hours. I love that people review my mini-comics, that tickles me to no end. If you still want a copy, you can email me at: kelly at kelly tindall dot com and I will hook you up.

ECCC drawings

A bunch of stuff from the Emerald City Con, which is definitely the most fun convention I've had the pleasure of attending so far. It was excellent to see a bunch of old friends and to meet some new ones. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table and picked up some art or mini-comics. The feedback has been excellent.

The Emerald City Comic Con 2009

I am heading out the door for Emerald City in Seattle this weekend! I will have two brand-new mini-comics to sell. It feels great to bring out Longarm Prime, my trusty long arm stapler, and my good old "Tindall Quality" mini-comic stamp.

Archie Snow: The First Fifteen Hours is the story of the first night of the life of Archie Snow. Archie celebrates one year in the pages of Proof in May, so I thought it was time to start revealing a little bit about the circumstances that made him into the creature he is today. I first wrote the treatment for this story two years ago in Mike's apartment back in Calgary, and I am thrilled that it is finally down on paper. The First Fifteen Hours is 8 pages long.

Stink is the story of a man who detects an odor in his apartment that will not go away no matter how clean he makes the place. It's not based on a true story but it is inspired by true events. Stink is 22 pages.
I will be located all weekend long at table J-02 at Emerald City, nestled between my friends Tim Sale and Riley Rossmo.