More BIOSHOCK and a birthday

More BioShock drawings. The art direction in that game, by Scott Sinclair and based so strongly in Art Deco, is easily my favorite of any game I've ever played. I've been working in black-and-white so much lately that it's quite thrilling to play with washes and put colour behind them.

Big Daddy Rosie:

Little Sister:

For more information on BioShock, would you kindly click here?

My next quest, I suppose, is to stop drawing licensed characters and start producing illustrations. I think it's time to start making statements and telling stories rather than regurgitating stories I've already digested and enjoyed. Squeak! is a big part of that next step in my career, but there's no reason not to show more of it here, I think.

My dear friend Ken's birthday was a week or two ago. Here's a card I draw for him, belated as always. Happy birthday, Ken!

This is so stupid

On Twitter earlier this week, I said that I would like to see some dude versions of lady characters to counter-act the lazy application of 'Lady' to a male comic character to make a new version... Or, worse, to make a blatantly (and boringly) 'sexy' version of a dude character. "I've always loved The Punisher as a hero," one never thinks to one's self, "but what would it be like to make sweet love to him? If he were a chick, of course, harrumph."

Okay, enough of this nonsense, back to work.

Toronto Winter Con roundup






Toronto was a lot of fun! Great to see Guy Davis, Ray Fawkes, Cameron Stewart, and Russ again. Lovely to meet Katherine from The Naked News, too (NSFW). Thanks to the organizers, the con went liquidy-smooth and the fans were particularly great.

Congratulations to Canada on their gold medal in hockey. I made it to the bar just as overtime started. Downtown Toronto after the victory was a sea of good vibes and smiles. Shame about the Nickelback though.

Back to work. See you again, TO.